What we do

The DZ Factory is a boutique artist and record producer’s management firm as well as a label “The Noise Shack” part of the new music industry ecosystem based on 360° business models managing all aspects of its clients recorded music, publishing and live performance activities.

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Artist Management

The DZ Factory is first and foremost an artist management company.

Driven by passion, guided by entrepreneurial spirit we provide full creative and business services to the artists we work with. From the inception of the project to the finalized creation we connect the dots all along the value chain. Project driven we put together dedicated teams, bespoke recording, publishing, marketing, promotion, social medias, sales and touring teams and strategies to nurture and develop the talents we work with.

Record Producer Management

The DZ Factory works closely together with some of the worlds most talented record producers and producer’s management companies. Because this is where it all begins…..in the intimacy of a writing suite and a recording studio.

Label & Distribution

And because we believe in the talents we sign we are prepared to be with you all along the journey. Hence The DZ Factory Ltd is also a label “The Noise Shack” a publishing company and a distribution company.

Music Industry

Last but not least The DZ Factory also offers the services of a consulting firm advising artists and music industry companies on all issues of corporate or operating company strategy, growth and business transformation and turnaround and is committed to providing innovative solutions, with special attention paid to obtaining concrete and measurable results.

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