Creative and Corporate services

As an experienced independent and major record company executive with extensive track record in the recorded, publishing and live music industry at both operational and corporate level The DZ Factory Ltd favours a consulting approach and process offering the following:

• Audit of your situation following extensive online or face to face meetings
• Identification of your needs
• An appropriate strategy and strategic implementation roadmap
• A tailor made team of the best independent experts
• Budget and deadlines
• Implementation and coordination of all agreed plans

At The DZ Factory Ltd we do believe in teamwork and have a network of independent partners in every major market in the world we know to be the best in their respective area of expertise and in various leading music genre able to deliver the best possible services while respecting deadlines and budgets.

The DZ Factory Ltd implements 360 degrees strategies for the artists it manages

Creative services:

Recorded Music: Production, Mixing, Mastering
Executive Production
Publishing: Song selection, Writing, Co-Writes, Song Placements, Sync Rights
Live Music: Agents, Promoters
Video/Photo shoot

Project Management:

Marketing: Positioning, Marketing plan, Social Media Marketing, Advertising
Promotion: Traditional and Social Media strategy, implementation and follow up
Sales: multi- channel sales strategy, manufacturing
Distribution: multi-channel distribution
International exploitation
Budgeting and Funding: Grant application when applicable, crowdfunding campaign
Merchandising: Design, manufacturing and sales& distribution services.

Company services:

Company set up: we set up labels and publishing companies
Company turnaround: Redefine strategy and strategic implementation
Brand strategy and Brand Management: Marketing plans, Social Media Marketing
Financial and accounting services
Legal services: Contract negotiation
International exploitation

Collecting Society Management:

• Neighbouring rights management

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