The DZ factory Ltd – Your music business consultant

During this session we will listen to your story, understand and define your needs in order to suggest and create the best possible strategy for you to reach your goal.


Evaluate your environment and your own project in order to determine a winning strategy for your career or your company


Define your goal and your objectives. Define strategies. Make risk taking decisions and risk assessmeent evaluation with the best possible knowledge.


Plan the different phases of your devemopment strategy. Define financial and human resources, engage actions, set plan into motion.

Your business and your career are unique.

So, should be your positioning and your strategy.

In a very competitive environment, how do you stand out? How do you differentiate yourself?

  • We consider marketing a craftsman’s job.
  • We believe in tailor made solution, in out of the box thinking.
  • We believe in long term commitment: we want to be with you all the way
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