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Originally started as a solo acoustic project created by Dave Talbo, singer songwriter and guitarist, from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Around Joshua turned very quickly into an independent rock band.

The response of the audience during the first Around Joshua concerts was amazing creating a fan base whose loyalty has never wavered until today.

From its inception Around Joshua’s musical signature is defined by their unique layering of vocals, guitars and keyboards, a strong melodic sense with a connection to the 

MARBL is an Indie-Folk Band embodied by singer-songwriter Moria Or.
The music has its own widely spread range of influences like Agnes Obel, Norah Jones, Julia Stone or Bon Iver to name but a few

MARBL has already drawn the attention of leading radio stations, music bloggers, journalists & publicists in France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Japan, and more, and hit some big official Spotify playlists around the world.

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