Super American Eagle

Super American Eagle is a three-piece rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The members are Dave Mudie on bass/harmony (Courtney Barnett’s drummer) Brent DeBoer on drums/harmony (drummer for The Dandy Warhol’s) and Robert Harrow on guitar/lead vocals (Immigrant Union). Over the past few years, all 3 members have been a part of Immigrant Union at some time or other.

Super American Eagle was formed for a trip to NYC to attend a friend’s film premiere. The members had originally decided to play a one-off Immigrant Union show in a 3-piece configuration, but rehearsals for this show quickly saw Bob, Dave and Brent writing new songs that were much heavier than Immigrant Union. Borrowing a name created by Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhol’s (given to Brent years before), Super American Eagle was born.

Super American Eagle played its first ever show at the Old Bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Wally Kempton was in the audience and immediately signed the group to his record label, Cheersquad. The band recorded its first album at Brent’s place and completed over-dubs at their engineer, Jake “Fever” Holmes’ house. The album was then mixed and mastered by hip-hop Melbourne local, Sean Latino.

To date, Super American Eagle have opened for acts such as Grace Cummings, The Southern River Band and legendary Melbourne band, The Meanies.  They also have played a residency at the Old Bar and had a packed-out debut launch at newly created Melbourne venue, Shotkickers. Super American Eagle’s first offering to the world, “Yes”, caught the attention of management team Didier Zerath (France) and Clive Young (Aus) who now represent the band world-swide.

Stay tuned…nice one!

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