The music industry consultant you want to have in your corner

It’s always a pleasure to be on the same wavelength with artists who share your passion. This is why I created “The DZ Factory Ltd”. With a focus on the creative community as a whole as well as the music industry’s entrepreneurial community, I strive to channel my lifelong passion as an independent music consultant into your success.

During my years in the business, I have been an artist manager, a C level executive in major record companies, a professor at university level, a speaker and an expert to the European Commission’s directorate general for education and culture. All these positions I have held, and still hold, are the cornerstone for acquiring the expertise that artists and entrepreneurs need to use to their advantage. My experience as a music industry expert is what has empowered me to set up “The DZ Factory Ltd”, a one-stop artist management firm, a label, publishing company and a booking agency.

Together, we can embrace the transformation of the music industry and implement the changes the new music industry ecosystem is calling for. It all starts with a clear-cut strategy.


Music consulting services that bring talents closer to success

“The DZ Factory Ltd” favours 360-degree business strategy. This means our team will stand behind the range of music consulting services – from recorded music, through music publishing and live music production. But first, we will:

  • Define your current needs as an artist or as a music industry company
  • Advise you on the best career or company development strategy to implement
  • Sign you and be by your side all the way

Thanks to my expertise as a music business consultant, “The DZ Factory Ltd” can create the necessary bridges linking the creative community to the new music industry ecosystem.
Primarily an artist management company “The DZ Factory Ltd” has extended its expertise into music production with the launch of the newly created “The Noise Shack” label and a licensing and distribution agreement with InGrooves.


The go-to music industry consultant for companies

Apart from nurturing emerging artists, I have started this consulting firm to foster the growth of music industry companies. When being involved in the marketing campaigns for Whitney Houston, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many other big-name artists and bands, I have mastered the art of promotion and strategic implementation. My skills now take shape at “The DZ Factory Ltd” for professional assistance with:

  • Music production
  • Publishing
  • Business strategy definition and implementation
  • Brand management
  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • International development
  • Global branding

If you think your music company could be stronger, turn to “The DZ Factory Ltd”. Together, we’ll bring your business operations, profitability and strategy to perfection.


Request a free consultation to get the ball rolling

Before we enter into any consultant agreement, we invite you to Schedule a 30-minute free face to face initial consultation. Evaluating your needs will help us to define the necessary strategies that needs implementing to reach the requested targets set to a successful future.

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