I believe that music is, above and beyond all form of creative, expression a matter of passion. A passion for music, for musicians and for the music industry’s creative and business community as a whole.

A passion I share with millions of people, with hundreds of thousands of communities all around the world.

I have witnessed changes in the music industry like no other industry has experienced over the past 20 years.

Changes demanding both artistic creativity and business acumen in a fast-growing international and competitive environment.

Such changes are the reason why I decided to launch The DZ Factory Ltd catering for a fundamental need of emerging artists and new music industry structures, developing new talents and linking talents and entrepreneurship in a 360 degrees business model environment.

In a music market turned global and multicultural, the world becomes our new playground.

Innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, differentiation and out of the box thinking are key to The DZ Factory Ltd to build winning strategy to nurture and establish emerging talents and new business structures.

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