The DZ Factory is an Artist Management company catering to independent artists from the alternative, indie rock, folk and pop music scene. Focusing on the long-term relationship we carefully select the artists we want to work with. We pride ourselves to be manager-entrepreneurs: in other words, we help you build your career from scratch. From raising funds to producing your first recordings and your first shows through driving your marketing and promotion campaign on both traditional and social media. Working on a 360° concept we favor a project based legal relation based on a P&L model…….more details

Label and Distribution


Working on a 360° business model means we offer the artists we work with all the services of a fully integrated label. In 2016 we have signed a worldwide label and distribution deal with InGrooves……..more details


Industry Consulting


Through a dedicated structure, The EMIC Factory, The European Music Industry Consultant Factory, we advise brands, music industry stakeholders and investors focusing in the economy of the music industry: Financial institutions, investment funds, family offices……more details